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Beacroft Incident Report

 6-7 July 2014


Medic 88 was called to a Medical Aid/Rescue response with lights and sirens to Beacroft Trail at Foresthill Road. The Patient was a 35 year old male with dehydration who was located seriously far from the trail. The reporting party was en route to the trailhead. At 7:25 pm, USFS Engine 341, USFS Battalion Chief 31 and Cal Fire Engine 2370 were at staging area upon our arrival. Radio channel XPL TAC 8 was assigned to the incident. Medic 88 assumed Beacroft Incident Command (IC).

Upon a face to face discussion with the person reporting the incident, the USFS Engine 341’s Captain and one of his crew started in. Placer County Sherriff’s Office (PCSO) helicopter, Falcon 30, was requested to search the area to help in the location of the Patient. The person who reported the incident was a very good source and gave good direction for relocating the Patient. Our Medic 88 medic, Cal Fire 2370, 3 of the USFS 341’s crew and I grabbed gear and started the hike, with the person who reported the incident leading the way.

Medic 88 EMT was made the Incident Commander to stay with the medic unit with good communication. The operator on USFS 341 was left on the ridge top to radio relay to the IC for the ground crews. At 8:10, Falcon 30 was able to locate the Patient and was able to drop in a medically trained officer at about 8:50. The Falcon 30 crew made Patient contact.

At about 9:11, USFS 341’s Captain made Patient contact and at 9:40 our 88 medic and crew made access to the Patient. The hike to the Patient was very steep with heavy vegetation and no trail. For Patient care information, refer to the advanced EMS tab. Our 88 medic maintained Patient care until Falcon 30 took the Patient to the Landing Zone.

Upon reaching the Patient it was nightfall. We spent the next hours treating the Patient and carrying him to a spot where the Helicopter could land. The Helicopter return was delayed as they had to return to Auburn for fuel. A Cal Fire hand crew hiked down to assist us. The Patient was carried to the River at 2:15 where the Helicopter had landed. At 2:25 Falcon 30 lifted to transport the Patient to China Wall where Medic 90 was waiting.

The ground crews that staged at the original Patient location remained in place until daybreak to hike out. The 5 personnel at the river bottom staged and Falcon 30 was going to return to fly all 5 out in several trips. At about 4:45 the last three personnel were lifted to Auburn from the river. Placer Hills FPD 8400 Nelson got the 5 personnel in Auburn and returned them the staging area. At about 5:30, all other ground crews started the hike out. At 8:59, all crews were off the trail and accounted for at the staging area.

Beacroft IC was terminated and XPL Tac 8 was released. No incidents or injuries to report. ALL TIMES APPROX.



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