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"The New York Post asked me for a comment on 9/11
the next day and I just had this to say - "I Can Think of
No More Stirring Symbol of Man’s Humanity to Man
than a Fire Engine."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
(November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007)

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The Foresthill Fire Protection District, through its Board of Directors, is and has been opposed to AB 29 which requires the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to assess a fire prevention fee on property owners within State Responsibility Areas (SRA).

To be clear, these fees, imposed by the State, are not the actions of the Foresthill Fire Protection District. The District considers the State fee an unjust and unwarranted duplication of cost and services for our residents. The fees collected will go to the State. No portion of these fees flow to the Foresthill Fire Protection District, which actually provides your fire service.


The annual fee of $150 for the first inhabitable dwelling and $25 for each additional inhabitable dwelling will reportedly go to help fund prevention activities on SRA lands. A $35 credit will be given to those who live on SRA lands but pay for fire protection from a second agency. There have been and are on-going attempts to overturn it; however, the fee began being assessed in Placer County beginning August of 2012. The SRA bill will be sent by the California Board of Equalization and according to State officials, the fees collected are to be used for fire prevention services and programs provided by the State. This bill is in addition to your current property tax bill.

Within the Foresthill Fire Protection District, the homeowners will be billed. CAL FIRE has developed a website with information about the SRA fee. The site includes a number of helpful links as well as the phone number to the SRA Fee Implementation Center. The site can be accessed at http://www.firepreventionfee.org. Also, the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection has a tool on their website to help residents determine whether or not their home is on SRA lands; http://www.firepreventionfee.org/sraviewer.php.

District residents may also consider the resources and information provided by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (including protest/refund forms and instructions) useful. Their website is: http://firetaxprotest.org/