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Foresthill Fire Protection District Office

24320 Main Street, Foresthill, CA 95631


  Tuesday 4 November at 6:00 pm

                                 (Note new time)

Meeting open to the public. See how your fire district works.


    1. Consider and Approve Updated Bylaw: 3.1 General Powers, Duties and Outside Activities, paragraph b.
      Recommended action: Approve Bylaw to allow Board members to attend social events as long as all provisions of the Brown Act are followed.
      Public Comment:
    2. Consider and Approve Updated Bylaw: 3.4 Directors Prohibited from being Foresthill Fire Protection District Employed Firefighters
      Recommended action: Approve Bylaw prohibiting current Board members from being employed as firefighters.
      Public Comment:
    3. Consider and Approve Bylaw: 3.6 Board Member Training, Education and Reimbursement.
      Recommended action: Approve Bylaw previously accepted as a Policy.
      Public Comment:
    4. Consider and Approve Bylaw: 4.9 Agenda
      Recommended action: Approve Bylaw previously accepted as a Policy.
      Public Comment:
    5. Consider and Approve Bylaw: 4.14 Use of District’s Counsel
      Recommended action: Approve Bylaw previously accepted as a Policy
      Public Comment:
    6. Resolution # 2014-05: Recognition of The International Association Of Fire Fighters Local 3800 as The Exclusive Bargaining Representative For Certain Employees of the Foresthill Fire Protection District
      Recommended action: Acceptance of IAFF Local 3800 as stated in resolution
      Public Comment:
    7. Board Selection of 2 Members to Act as the Committee to Meet and Confer with Local 3800.
      Recommended action: Nominate and Approve two Board Members to Work with Local 3800
      Public Comment:
    8. Board to Consider Augmenting Staff Pay when they are Involved in Strike Team Activities
      Recommended action: Approve Recommended Stipend Schedule.
      Public Comment:
    1. Potential Fire District funding sources:
      1. Federal PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) monies
      2. Proposition 172 monies
    2. Middle Fork monies