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"The New York Post asked me for a comment on 9/11
the next day and I just had this to say - "I Can Think of
No More Stirring Symbol of Man’s Humanity to Man
than a Fire Engine."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
(November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007)

  If you have an emergency - Call 911


by Deputy Fire Marshall Gary Kirk

Foresthill is one of the High Fire Severity Zone of California. California has experienced drought conditions in 2013 and the forecast for 2014 is not looking much better. Know is the time of year to prepare your home and property for the and early fire season. Please take moment to read the following information and help the firefighters save your life, home and property.

DEFENSIBLE SPACE - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY & THE BEST DEFENSE AGAINST FIRE. There are two zones around your home. LEAN, CLEAN & GREEN IS ZONE 1. This best describes the area of 30 feet immediately surrounding your house or other structures on your property. Remove all flammable vegetation and any dead or dying plants. Single trees or other vegetation that is trimmed and well pruned and maintained is acceptable. Shorter plants (less than 2 feet) are safer than taller ones. If kept green, grass and non-woody flowers are better choices than shrubs and trees. REDUCED FUEL IS ZONE 2. This is the remaining 70 feet or to the property line, for the total of 100 feet. In this zone you must remove all surface litter such as fallen leaves, needles, twigs, cones, small branches, etc. Grasses should not exceed 4 inches in height. In some situations where necessary to stabilize the soil, grasses may reach a height of 18 inches.

People should take advantage of the winter months to trim up trees while the limbs are bare, to clear away dead brush and to put in some new fire resistive plants. Making your home fire safe is a YEAR ROUND JOB. Not just in the springtime. California law (PRC4291) requires property owners and/or renters to create 100 feet of defensible space around all structures. Of course you can always contact the Foresthill Fire Protection District and set up a FREE INSPECTION appointment that is convenient for you and the inspector. While you are working on your DEFENSIBLE SPACE your brush and tree trimmings can be chipped for a $40.00/half hour cost share fee. The bigger the pile the better. The pile needs to be placed with the cut end facing the street. The chipper will accommodate branches up to 12” in diameter & the longer the better. Please call the Foresthill Fire Protection District at 367-2465 from 9 am to 5 pm Mon-Fri or leave a message on our answering machine or Cal Fire at 889-0111 ext. 3 to get your address on the chipper route list.

A good thought to remember is that if your property is not protected by required defensible space and is unsafe for you, it will also be unsafe for firefighters trying to save your home during a wildfire. For and any additional information you may contact the Foresthill Fire Protection District, 367-2465 and the Fire Safe Council website www.firesafeforesthill.org.

Thank you for helping make our community Fire Safe!