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"The New York Post asked me for a comment on 9/11
the next day and I just had this to say - "I Can Think of
No More Stirring Symbol of Man’s Humanity to Man
than a Fire Engine."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
(November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007)

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by Deputy Fire Marshall Gary Kirk

Following the destructive Angora Fire in El Dorado County and Washoe Fire in eastern Placer County in the summer of 2007, the Board of Supervisors, acting at the request of the greater Tahoe community in Placer County, passed an ordinance for “Hazardous Vegetation Abatement for Unimproved Parcels” aka the HVA Ordinance” on October 23, 2007. This was a one year “pilot” ordinance applicable only to those areas being provided fire protection by the North Tahoe Fire Protection District, Alpine Springs County Water District, Squaw Valley Public Service District, and the Northstar Community Services District.

The HVA ordinance encourages property owners to meet the requirements of state law and Placer County Code through mutual cooperation. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of both defensible space inspection programs and public education on fire prevention. Actual enforcement of fuels reduction on an unimproved parcel is initiated either by a complaint or by a scheduled defensible space inspection. Enforcement begins after an initial inspection with an attempt to resolve the hazardous condition in an informal, cooperative manner, followed by a formal process that ends for the local fire district with its mailing of a notice-to-abate letter that allows 30-day compliance period. If abatement is not accomplished by the owner within the 30 day period, compulsory abatement may be ordered and, from that point on enforcement is by Placer County Code Enforcement. Prior to the County beginning compulsory abatement, parcel owners may request a hearing before a Board of Supervisors appointed hearing body that has final determination authority to affirm, amend or dismiss the abatement order. The ordinance also allows for a citation process which could result in a court ordered abatement.

In addition to the eastern communities mentioned above, the ordinance has been expanded to the Foresthill, Loomis, and Penryn, Placerhill Fire Protection District areas as well as into and throughout the Placer County Fire Service Area. In addition to the unincorporated area of Colfax, this expansion incorporates the communities of Dutch Flat, Secret Town, Magra, Cape Horn, Christian Valley, North Auburn, Ophir, Iowa Hill, Horseshoe Bar, Fowler, Thermalands, Sheridan, Paige and Dry Creek.

If you live next to an unimproved property and you need addition Defensible Space to comply with PRC 4291, contact Deputy Fire Marshal Gary Kirk at Foresthill Fire Protection District, 367-2465.